Dedicated to ending sexual violence

The Jensen Project is a 501c3 organization, supporting non-profits and individuals through strategic grants, resources, and holistic help.

As a rape survivor, our founder Janet Jensen discovered that local organizations are doing the hard work to help survivors of sexual violence, but face similar obstacles.

Funding is just a fraction of their needs. Organizations need to know what works and doesn’t. They need the opportunity to expand their leadership skills and find a network of like-minded professionals to get support with staffing, cash flow, fundraising, operations, day-to-day questions, and more.

They need resources and a strategic partner to support them in their work.

The Jensen Project fills this need. We believe we’re stronger together. A national, unified front will help us win the fight against sexual violence.

Janet begins her journey to stand against sexual violence and advocate for the women impacted by trafficking, rape, and other crimes.
Janet trains as an advocate with the local rape crisis center.
Janet exceeds helping 50 individuals on her own, identifying the scale of the issue and the need of services for survivors.
Through her work with numerous organizations, Janet becomes a nationally-recognized advocate and speaker on the topic of sexual violence.
The Jensen Project is founded.

The Jensen Project announces GrantTank, a yearly grant program, funding millions to advance economic empowerment and housing opportunities for agencies who serve adult female survivors of human trafficking.


The Jensen Project partners with 35 agencies, with 20 of these agencies benefiting from the LIFT program. GrantTank 2021 grants $4,689,000 in cash funding, provides 832 hours of leadership training, and hosts its first in-person Cohort for selected organizations.


GrantTank 2022 grants over $4 million in direct funding to 10 organizations for housing and economic empowerment. The Jensen Project hosts its second GrantTank Cohort and adds two full-time members to its internal team.


The Jensen Project launches Sky Trafficking, an awareness campaign that utilizes skywriting to bring to light the grooming tactics of traffickers. GrantTank commits to funding anti-trafficking organizations in housing and technology categories. It reopens its application process for an accelerated period for the first time to address the growing demand for Equality Model policymaking and implementation under the policy category. The Jensen Project hosts its largest GrantTank Cohort gathering to date.


The Jensen Project began its formal partnership with Impact Rising, offering this resource to select partners to measure actionable change in the anti-sexual violence sector. For the first time, GrantTank opened its application to four categories of anti-trafficking nonprofits: housing, economic empowerment, technology, and Equality Model policymaking.

Our partner organizations are doing the hard work

They're leading the charge in economic empowerment and housing for survivors of sexual violence

Join us in winning the fight against sexual violence, together.