2022 GrantTank Recipients

The work these organizations are doing is changing lives, and we're honored to help

We believe we’re stronger together. It’s why we’re proud to announce the the second year of GrantTank winners.

The recipients of our 2022 GrantTank program are organizations who have proven strength and leadership in the fight against sexual violence.


Awaken increases awareness  and education surrounding the issue of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and provides housing and restoration for its victims. Awaken recently celebrated 10 years of operations. 

Through a capacity building grant, Awaken will extend the hours of the drop-in center, reaching more survivors where they are at and providing them with a trauma informed entry point into long-term healing and recovery when they are ready. 

Survivor ran, this drop-in center sits in the heart of Reno’s track, making it accessible to women seeking services without judgement.

Villanova Law Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation

In partnership with the Jensen Project, the CSE Institute will pursue vacatur and criminal record clearing for survivors in Pennsylvania and expand their partnership and network across the country. 

During this grant term, CSE Institute will educate at least 75 criminal justice stakeholders across Pennsylvania about sex trafficking, criminalization, and vacature. The fellowship will expand outreach to survivors, ensuring they are aware of criminal record relief options and the CSE Institute’s ability to assist them in accessing vacature. 

They will expand their legal practice to include representing survivors as they seek clemency or pardons. 

Designed For Joy

Designed For Joy provides women in crisis with stability through immediate employment and support, removing the stigma of vulnerability. They do this through the production of high-end handmade leather, fabric and metal goods. Survivors are treated with dignity and love while learning the trade.

Support from The Jensen Project will expand the number of living-wage hours available to survivors of human trafficking referred to them by client support partners. These programs create job opportunities specifically for marginalized women allowing them to earn a solid paycheck and move into a more stable mental and financial position. 

Expanding the number of hours they can provide has a direct impact on the additional women they hire as well as a ripple effect on their communities and families. 

Empowered Network

Empowered Network, previously known as Empower Her Network, collaborates with ready survivors of human trafficking who find themselves in the same vulnerable circumstances that led to their initial exploitation by removing housing barriers, financing education, and uncovering employment opportunities. 

This formal program helps survivors reach fiscal independence, ending cycles of violence, poverty and exploitations for generations to come. Funding for this program from The Jensen Project allows for 20 additional survivors to receive these services. 

Frontline Response

Frontline plans to continue expanding their efforts throughout Georgia and continues to engage in events aimed at identifying and reporting sexual exploitation. 

Strategic funding from The Jensen Project will equip Frontline Response to increase service capacity through the addition of staff at the emergency safe home, increased bed space and enhancing safety and security for the housing program.

The enhancements will ultimately allow Frontline Response to serve more exploited women.

Pink Chair

Pink Chair, formerly known as Hookers for Jesus, addresses the harmful effects of prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry. 

They help women who have been negatively affected by the sex industry find hope, healing and full restoration. 

Through Survivor Leadership, the Destiny House program provides long-term restorative care for adult survivors of sex trafficking. Funding from the Jensen Project enhances the existing property and provides support for sustainable planning. 

Rest Stop Ministries

Rest Stop Ministries’ goal is to comprehensively restore survivors and stop the criminal oppression of human trafficking. It does so through long-term restorative housing, transitional housing, and a unique economic empowerment opportunity in partnership with Fried Green Tomatoes. 

In partnership with The Jensen Project, Rest Stop Ministries will address a critical need in the field by adding a bed for medical detox and emergent care. 

Additionally, Rest Stop Ministries will be able to scale the partnership with Fried Green Tomatoes, offering more survivors a living wage with full-term food service and retail experience; from blending the raw materials, to selling and shipping the end product to retail, wholesale and online customers and in food trucks and restaurants. Rest Stop will also soon be conducting research and development in their test kitchen for future product line expansions. 

Safe Exit Initiative

Safe Exit Initiative (SEI), formally known as “Living In Freedom Together, Inc. (LIFT)”, is a survivor-led organization composed of survivors of systems of prostitution, and allies committed to serving the needs of this vulnerable and marginalized population. 

SEI’s mission is to end systems of prostitution through the implementation of the Equality Model. They provide resources, advocacy, and support for individuals to exit and recover from the impacts of the sex trade, and to end prostitution. SEI strives to provide access to platforms and tools for survivors to seek justice and liberation from systems of oppression and exploitation. 

Through strategic funding from The Jensen Project, SEI will expand HARBOR’s legal advocacy to include a fully launched SEI Legal Clinic. They will strengthen their commitment to support in the court system by having Survivor Court Advocates and trained lawyers prepared and ready to guide Survivors through a complicated legal system and protect Survivors and their rights. 

Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms is a leader in the anti-trafficking space and has been in operation since 1997. They are dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. They do this by providing a safe place to live, a meaningful job, and a lifelong sisterhood of support. 

Strategic funding from The Jensen Project will allow Thistle Farms to manage their growth by hiring a dedicated and experienced Work Readiness Coordinator to strengthen their job readiness curriculum. This role will fully prepare women to reenter the workforce with the skills, tools and confidence needed to succeed. 

Thistle Farms will also implement a paid internship program for survivors interested in becoming Certified Peer Recovery Specialists and will connect them with organizations who can benefit from their experience and knowledge of addiction, trauma, and mental health. 

What is GrantTank?

A yearly grant program, funding up to $2 Million to advance opportunities for agencies who serve adult female survivors of human trafficking.