Committed to providing holistic, trauma-informed, individualized services

In 2003 Frontline Response began with a heart for the frontlines of homelessness and sexual exploitation. They were seeking to find a need and meet it. Since 2010, Frontline Response has assisted in getting nearly 1,500 victims out of Sex Trafficking and transitioned over 1,000 men, women and children out of homelessness. 

With youth awareness added into their programs in 2018, Frontline has seen over 600 youth participate in prevention programming. Frontline has developed a prototype for outreach, rescue and emergency safe housing. Frontline also provides training to law enforcement, firefighters, emergency departments and judges to better serve those seeking justice and assistance. 

We honor the strength and courage of individuals by helping them fulfill the choices they have made and the choice to fight for a life of freedom

Frontline Response views rescue as the act of helping get people out of circumstances or situations they are unable to get out of on their own. By connecting them to resources, providing temporary housing or helping them come to the mindset of deciding for themselves that they need out of their situations or circumstances, Frontline is there to help in the process of leaving and finding safety. 

Frontline plans to continue expanding their efforts throughout Georgia and continues to engage in events aimed at identifying and reporting sexual exploitation. 

Strategic funding from The Jensen Project will equip Frontline Response to increase service capacity through the addition of staff at the emergency safe home, increased bed space and enhancing safety and security for the housing program. The enhancements will ultimately allow Frontline Response to serve more exploited women.

"The enhancements will ultimately allow Frontline Response to serve more exploited women."

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What is GrantTank?

A yearly grant program, funding up to $2 Million to advance economic empowerment and housing opportunities for agencies who serve adult female survivors of human trafficking.