Fighting human trafficking around the world

Slavery is the current reality for over 40 million people worldwide. It happens in every city, every neighborhood and to every type of socioeconomic status. It does not stop with race or ethnicity- it can happen to anyone. 

Empower Her Network aims to reach those victims who have come to a point that they are “ready” to leave the life of trafficking. Many victims feel hopeless when it comes to leaving because they either have no place to go, no money, or a criminal record following them preventing them from obtaining a job or a safe living situation. Because of this many feel they are forced to remain in a life of domestic abuse or prostitution, or sexual exploitation because they see no other safe option. Empower Her Network assists at this ready moment. EHN supports a permanent housing and employment model that focuses on the individual and unique needs of every victim.

Empower Her Network aims to bring freedom to survivors

This program is able to build a unique and formal program to help survivors reach fiscal independence, ending cycles of violence, poverty, and exploitation for generations to come. When a survivor is ready, they can be nominated by a case worker to receive services beyond the long-term residential care treatment. Depending on the survivor’s personal passions and needs, this could look like continued mentorship, scholarships for college or trade schools, housing support and much more.

Funding for this program from The Jensen Project allows for 20 additional survivors to receive the services offered by Empower Her Network. Both The Jensen Project and the partners aim to cause a ripple effect and for these 20 additional survivors to continue the work set before them by the organizations to be able to continue to reach and help other survivors and encourage them to take those steps to be ready to end the cycle of Sexual Abuse, Slavery and Exploitation. 

"Funding for this program from The Jensen Project allows for 20 additional survivors to receive these services."

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What is GrantTank?

A yearly grant program, funding up to $2 Million to advance economic empowerment and housing opportunities for agencies who serve adult female survivors of human trafficking.