Rest Stop Ministries

Comprehensively restoring survivors and stopping the criminal oppression of human trafficking

Launching a residential restoration program in 2015, Rest Stop Ministries provides Tennessee with a long-term care facility uniquely designed to rehabilitate women survivors of domestic Sex Trafficking.

The mission of Rest Stop Ministries is to comprehensively restore survivors and stop the oppression of human trafficking.

Rest Stop Ministries aims to grow and develop their residential restoration program into a model of excellence, and to launch a social enterprise that supports both the financial independence of graduates and the sustainability of the program.

One of the biggest needs facing the industry right now is bed availability in shelters for survivors being rescued. There are only a handful of shelters that are specifically dedicated and equipped for this particular client group.

Rest Stop Ministries is proud to offer long-term residential treatment for survivors of sex trafficking, residential care and supervision, mental and spiritual health and wellness programs, as well as physical wellbeing activities.   

Making space for those who need it most

In 2013, a follow up study from TBI Director, Mark Gwyn stated that “there is still a need to develop more resources to aid Sex Trafficking victims and their families. We have only scratched the surface in combating Sex Trafficking.” 

In February of 2016, Nashville instituted the first-in-state Human Trafficking Intervention Court dedicated solely to human trafficking cases in order to expedite and be more “victim services” oriented, which was a huge step for victims within the justice system. 

While there have been great strides in making progress for victims, there is still much work to be done. 

Rest Stop ministries is proud to partner with Fried Green Tomatoes- a food truck that offers victims sustainable income in a safe environment to heal and have a reliable income in an environment that will build them up and encourage them towards positive growth in their future. 

In partnership with The Jensen Project, Rest Stop Ministries will address a critical need in the field by adding a bed for medical detox and emergent care. Additionally, Rest Stop Ministries will be able to scale the partnership with Fried Green Tomatoes, offering more survivors a living wage with full-term food service and retail experience; from blending the raw materials, to selling the end product in retail locations and food trucks.

The Jensen Project is proud to partner with an organization aimed at bettering the lives of survivors and ending the cycle of those caught in human trafficking. 

"There are so many survivors, there aren't enough beds in the country to serve them. We need people to get behind small nonprofits like ours who are providing the housing, the healing, the economic empowerment opportunities, the rehabilitation and the hope these precious souls."

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What is GrantTank?

A yearly grant program, funding up to $2 Million to advance economic empowerment and housing opportunities for agencies who serve adult female survivors of human trafficking.