World Without Exploitation

Creating a World Where No One Is Bought, Sold, or Exploited

World Without Exploitation (WorldWE) is the country’s leading national coalition dedicated to ending human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation (HT-CSE).  WorldWE seeks to challenge and change the policies and systems that perpetuate the commodification of people. They focus on solutions that address the underlying causes that contribute to sexual exploitation. They have united hundreds of diverse partners from across the country in their collective efforts to drive a national agenda, leverage partnerships, and ultimately change laws, policies, and perspectives about HT-CSE.

GrantTank support from The Jensen Project will help WorldWE continue and expand their collaborative approach and critical proactive policy work in support of the Equality Model and to elevate their mobilization efforts in opposition to Full Decriminalization initiatives in critical states.

World Without Exploitation GrantTank 2023 Policy Recipient

Because of funding through GrantTank, WorldWE will now be able to: 

Work to pass Equality Model legislation in targeted states.

During the grant period, WorldWE will focus its proactive policy efforts in multiple states nationwide with activities directed by the WorldWE policy team. They will engage survivors and experts within the field as needed to help WorldWE navigate the complexities of their respective regions, to be overseen and directed by WorldWE’s policy team.

Counter Full Decrim efforts as they arise.

Full Decrim efforts have taken place in multiple states over the past few years. These harmful efforts perpetuate misinformation and do not recognize the inherent harm of the sex trade and prostitution. WorldWE will be prepared to respond immediately to Full Decrim initiatives when they arise, drawing on their toolkit of successful strategies and tactics they have used previously. 

Cultivate and mobilize a national network of survivors supporting WorldWE policy initiatives.

WorldWE believes in survivor leadership and voice and has multiple programs and opportunities tailored to engaging Survivor voice within the campaigns to push forward The Equality Model and develop survivor-informed and led implementation strategies. WorldWE will nurture a network of survivors through numerous educational opportunities, empowering them to testify in support of proactive Equality Model legislation, as well as against Full Decrim initiatives. 

What We Loved about World Without Exploitation

WorldWE’s commitment to survivor leadership ensures survivor voices are heard at all levels and places where change is happening. From start to finish, they make sure that survivors know that what they have to say is valuable, and they ensure that survivor voices are heard.

As a coalition, WorldWE has over 175 member organizations working collaboratively to end exploitation. WorldWE truly aligns with The Jensen Projects’ values of collaboration and “raising all boats” by partnering with and leading campaign efforts across these organizations.

WorldWE’s leadership is made up of a board of lived experience and subject matter experts and led by National Director Lauren Hersh. Ms. Hersh brings her experience as a lawyer, former prosecutor, educator, and advocate into this space to make impactful change.

Funding from The Jensen Project will enable WorldWE to fight for Equality Model implementation in several states, counter Full Decriminalization efforts, and continue their survivor mobilization efforts.

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What is GrantTank?

A yearly grant program, funding up to $2 Million to advance economic empowerment and housing opportunities for agencies who serve adult female survivors of human trafficking.