Reflection Ministries of Texas

A safe, survivor-led, therapeutic environment for both adult and minor survivors

Reflection Ministries was formed in 2016 as a survivor-led organization to empower individuals who have been commercially sexually exploited, providing them avenues of restoration through long-term holistic resources and support.

Through strategic planning and consultation with national experts, they designed an emergency assessment center along with an aftercare program and residential campus that provides a safe and therapeutic environment for up to 20 adult and minor survivors in West Texas.

Case management, therapy, medical evaluations, life skills, educational support, legal assistance, and more ... for up to four years

As the only resource of its kind in the region, Reflection Ministries offers a low-barrier entry program, available for any victim in crisis or by referral, meeting a critical need for emergency placement as well as long-term care.

Qualified staff have designed a multi-level, trauma-focused program that provides case management, trauma therapy, medical evaluations, life skills development, educational support, vocational training, tattoo removal, mentorship, and legal assistance for up to four years as they prepare for independent living.

Residents have access to specialized interests and activities such as culinary classes, health and wellness, fine arts, gardening, crafting, job readiness, financial literacy, equine therapy, and pet therapy.

Program directors work with residents to set measurable and attainable goals together. From advancing their education to gaining employment, learning self-care and emotional regulation to developing healthy coping mechanisms, and healing from the physical and emotional wounds inflicted upon them, Reflection Ministries is there to celebrate every milestone with these brave young women and men.

Through strategic funding support provided by The Jensen Project, Reflection Ministries will engage a full-time licensed counselor for their residential restoration campus and provide non-residential services and support to survivors in the local community through a 10-week curriculum focused on the transition from exploitation to independent living.

The Jensen Project is honored to support the critical intervention and restoration initiatives implemented by Reflection Ministries in our home state of Texas.

"Through strategic funding support provided by The Jensen Project, Reflection Ministries will engage a full-time licensed counselor and expand their non-residential services within the local community."

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