The Jensen Project announces the GrantTank, a commitment of up to $2 million dedicated to combatting human trafficking in the United States

For qualified nonprofits who serve adult female survivors of human trafficking and are focused on housing or economic empowerment programs.

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DALLAS, Aug. 25, 2020  Irving-based foundation, The Jensen Project, announces a $2 million granting opportunity for qualified nonprofits who serve adult female survivors of human trafficking focused on housing or economic empowerment programs called the GrantTank. 

Human trafficking is a prolific crime that occurs in every county across America. It is not confined by boundaries of gender, race, or socio-economic status, making universal education of the topic the most relevant form of prevention. Vulnerable populations are the most at risk for recruitment into trafficking. This looks like young people, those in the foster care system, homeless or those at risk of being homeless, and those living in poverty. 

Many organizations that serve the survivor community are currently underfunded and, therefore, unable to achieve the standards of care for which they strive. The goal of the $2 million commitment is to provide an influx to elevate the aftercare standards and sustain this improvement, allowing survivors the strongest chance for true recovery. The two areas identified as critical gaps currently leading to re-entry into exploitation are the lack of stable housing and dignified employment opportunities and the training needed to fill those roles. Filling these gaps is imperative to helping this population, and thus all funds shall be restricted to support these efforts. 

Qualified organizations are invited to submit applications towards the $2 million GrantTank. Applications will be accepted August 24 – October 31, 2020. For the full list of qualifications and to apply, please visit today.

About The Jensen Project:
Founded by philanthropist, Janet Jensen, The Jensen Project exists to fuel strategic partnerships in the fight against sexual violence. We serve to learn what each organization does best and to help build partnerships amongst peers who may benefit from working together. We assess existing curriculums and capacities and may help provide resources that could help elevate the aftercare process within each organization.


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