The Jensen Project Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner! This time of year beckons us to purchase thoughtful gifts for our loved ones. For something special during this special season, consider shopping from nonprofits that help survivors of human trafficking. Below, you’ll find gift ideas from organizations that provide livable wages for survivors.

Why Shop Nonprofits for the Holidays?

By purchasing products from nonprofit organizations dedicated to critical social causes, you’re not just buying presents but supporting meaningful missions, from environmental conservation to social justice. Plus, you’ll find unique, handmade treasures that come with a story. By making these choices, you’re not just giving gifts; you’re supporting local economies, promoting ethical supply chains, and contributing to a more equitable world.

Why Help Sex Trafficking Survivors?

Of the 50 million trafficked globally, women and girls make up 80% of those experiencing commercial sexual exploitation. In our work, we know that poverty is one of the primary drivers of human trafficking because, when a woman doesn’t have access to safe and sustainable work, her options are limited and she becomes vulnerable to traffickers. This is why safe, long-term employment is vital in our mission to end human trafficking. Although women have long been disadvantaged in the workplace, survivors of trafficking and women from economically marginalized backgrounds face the biggest obstacles, including disrupted education due to trafficking, limited access to safe job opportunities, absence of a professional network, a lack of sufficient childcare options, and diminished sense of self-worth.

Gifts from $12 to $135

There’s something for everyone on this list. If you’re looking for tree ornaments, check out Nomi Network. For fancy tumblers, Reflection Ministries will have you saying, “Hello love…” For candles, Survivor Ventures has a collection that is out of this world. For handmade leather goods, consider Designed for Joy and Rethreaded. Everyone else has a T-shirt for the activists in your life.

Don’t miss out on these amazing seasonal discounts!

Designed for Joy

Designed For Joy provides women in crisis with stability through immediate employment and support, removing the stigma of vulnerability. They do this through the production of high-end handmade leather, fabric, and metal goods. Survivors are treated with dignity and love while learning the trade.

Expanding the number of hours they can provide has a direct impact on the additional women they hire as well as a ripple effect on their communities and families. 

Designed For Joy provides a workspace for survivors to build their confidence and refresh their resumes. Every order brings joy to our women knowing they make a product that consumers find value in.

Leather Passport Cover

Our passport covers make a great gift, they are a great price point and product The Jensen Project and Designed For Joy worked on together. Each purchase provides 2 hours of safe, dignified, living wage work for survivors.

Price: $38.00

Purchase Passport Cover Here

Discount Code

Use discount code JENSEN20 to save 20% on your purchase through the end of the year, good on the entire website.

Lantern Rescue

Lantern Rescue is a U.S.-based 501c3 non-profit organization that rescues exploited, persecuted, and displaced individuals and families.

They work domestically and internationally to create sustainable partnerships with local government entities, international organizations, and military and law enforcement personnel.

They will continue to fight until all are free.

90% of product purchases go to their overall programmatic efforts.

Counter Human Trafficking T-Shirt

Price: $20.00–25.00

Purchase T-Shirt Here

Fight For Freedom Pullover

Price: $30.00–40.00

Purchase Pullover Here

Discount Code

Get 10% off each purchase using code JENSEN10 at checkout.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) is a non-partisan, non-sectarian organization dedicated to creating a world where all can live and love free from sexual abuse and exploitation. They expose the links between all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation, a holistic approach that deals with the complete problem—i.e., mass-scale prevention—rather than just the symptoms.

All of the proceeds go to NCOSE’s programmatic efforts, which include any work they do with survivors.

Defender of Dignity T-Shirt

Price: $26.99

Purchase T-Shirt Here


Available in black or gray.

Price: $47.99

Purchase Hoodie Here

Defender of Dignity Phone Case

Price: $25.99

Purchase Phone Case Here

Defender of Dignity Mug

Price: $16.99

Purchase Mug Here

Nomi Network

Nomi Network is named after a girl named Nomi, whom the founders met while traveling in Cambodia. By the time Nomi was eight years old, she had been previously trafficked by her stepfather and suffered unthinkable abuse. Nomi Network was founded to be the network behind Nomi, providing a future for thousands of other women and girls like her. Today, Nomi is a resilient young woman who radiates warmth despite her trauma. Nomi inspires us to keep fighting for a world where every woman and girl can know her full potential.

The animal ornaments were made by women in Cambodia. By purchasing this ornament, you support our partnership with small ethical manufacturers in Cambodia, like Peace Handicrafts, who share our mission of providing safe job opportunities to women and girls. The Sari Circle Crossbody was made by women who have graduated from Nomi Network’s Workforce Development Program in India. By purchasing this bag, you support Nomi Network’s for-profit production center in Bihar, where we educate and empower women who are at-risk and survivors of human trafficking.

100% of proceeds from these items go toward survivors served and program costs.

Sari Circle Crossbody Bag

Price: $25.00

Purchase Bag Here

Reindeer Ornament

Price: $12.00

Purchase Reindeer Ornament Here

Piglet Ornament

Price: $12.00

Purchase Piglet Ornament Here

Dog with Collar Ornament

Price: $12.00

Purchase Dog Ornament

Magpie Ornament

Price: $12.00

Purchase Magpie Ornament Here

Elephant Ornament

Price: $12.00

Purchase Elephant Ornament Here

Discount Code

Use code JensenProject for 15% off your entire order at checkout. 

Reflection Ministries

Reflection Ministries supports and empowers survivors of trafficking and exploitation by providing them with long-term holistic resources through a multi-level and trauma-informed program that offers safe housing, case management, trauma therapy, life skills development, educational and vocational training, mentorship, legal assistance, and much more as they prepare for independent living.

By purchasing with purpose, you become an important part of Reflection equipping human trafficking survivors as they become self-sufficient and independent. 

100% of proceeds go towards funding programs for human trafficking survivors. 

Hello Love Products

Through my journey of healing, my therapist encouraged me to begin my day looking in the mirror and saying the two simple words of “hello love”…  words that would help me to begin seeing myself as Christ sees me… beautiful, thoughtful, bold, kind, and tenacious. 

I encourage you to see yourself as God sees you with this simple reminder.  

Much success on your journey, 

Lisa Bownds, Reflection Ministries Founder & CEO

Hello Love Skinny & Large Red Tumblers

Skinny Tumbler Price: $30.00

Purchase Skinny Tumbler Here

Large Tumbler Price: $40.00

Purchase Large Tumbler Here

Hello Love Long-Sleeve Hoodie

Price: $40.00

Purchase Hoodie Here

Re.flec.tion Long-Sleeve Hoodie

Price: $40.00

Purchase Hoodie Here


Purchases over $100 will receive a FREE Human Trafficking Awareness lapel pin.

Rescue Her

Rescue Her provides long-term advocacy services for adult, female survivors of trafficking in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area through our Empower Program. Their program focuses on empowerment in these five areas: legal, independent living (housing, transportation, financial needs), community, safe environment, and health (physical, emotional, and mental).

Each Brave One, or survivor in our program, is paired with a staff Advocate and a Volunteer Mentor to offer emotional support, guidance, and assistance in identifying and reaching goals. Brave Ones also receive financial support for things like transportation to and from work/school, medical/prescription needs, and basic necessities (clothes/food/hygiene) with the end goal being financial independence.

100% of the proceeds of their products go directly toward the anti-trafficking work they do in DFW—empowering survivors to live in freedom! While their main focus is crisis response and long-term advocacy with survivors, they utilize the funds from their store to continue to fuel the field work they are already doing in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for consumers. 

ZOE Coffee

ZOE* is a Vienna Roast – a deep, dark roast bringing out a rich, smoky flavor; intense, balanced, and without being bitter. Our blend of quality, high-grown, organic, Fair Trade Certified(c), 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America are custom roasted in small batches just for Rescue Her. Zoe Coffee comes Fresh Ground or Whole Bean.

Price: $12.00

Purchase Coffee Here

Fight for Justice T-Shirt

Next Level Apparel is WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and is dedicated to ethical standards of conduct; Next Level Apparel respects the rights of all individuals, cares for the environment, and is sweatshop-free and child labor-free.

Price: $30.00

Purchase T-Shirt Here


Black Friday: They will have 30% off apparel and a few additional items. They are also launching A TON of brand-new products including jewelry, journals, mugs, T-shirts, candles, ornaments, + more!

12 Days of Christmas sale: They will also have a NEW sale every day for the first 12 days of December. This can be found through joining their newsletter OR checking out their Instagram page.

Survivor Cookbook: They are launching a digital survivor cookbook on Black Friday! You can purchase it from their store and download it to access it digitally forever! It will feature recipes from our Alumni survivors from this past year.

Shop Their Store Here


Rethreaded has a mission to renew hope, reignite dreams, and release the full potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business by providing a safe, supportive environment where they can earn income, develop skills in all facets of the company, and access a holistic restoration program that also includes counseling and case management.

Over 95% of the product purchases go toward survivors. Besides raw materials and the cost of goods expenses, all profits are put towards payroll for survivors as well as towards our Survivor Development programming and services.

Sea Salt Toffee

Rethreaded’s best-seller, delicious buttery toffee coated in rich chocolate and topped with almonds. Handmade in Jacksonville by survivors of human trafficking.

Price: $10.00

Purchase Toffee Here

Luxe Tote

Beautiful handcrafted the Luxe Tote is a classic everyday bag. Made with upcycled leather and canvassed lined.Handmade in Jacksonville by survivors of Human Trafficking.

Price: $135.00

Purchase Tote Here

Hope Journal

Timeless and durable, the Leather Hope Journal is a perfect and thoughtful gift. Made with upcycled leather and includes a replaceable paper insert.Handmade in Jacksonville by survivors of Human Trafficking.

Price: $58.00

Purchase Journal Here

Tee Bone Dog Toy

The perfect pet lover gift! The tee bone toys are constructed from upcycled cotton t-shirts. Handmade in Jacksonville by survivors of Human Trafficking. Small $15, Medium $20, Large $25.

Price: $25.00

Purchase Dog Toy Here

Discount Code

Use code Jensen2023 to get free shipping on your order. 

Survivor Ventures

Often, victims are arrested for their role as victims in the trafficking situation. Upon rescue or escape or, more frequently, release from jail, survivors of human trafficking attempt to find services to help them get back on their feet. It is our experience that their first and most critical need is a job. 

Survivors want to work. They want to provide for their children. 

Unfortunately, many states have not enacted effective and/or accessible criminal record relief legislation for trafficking survivors. Anti-human trafficking service providers do their best to help survivors find employment; but, due to survivors’ criminal records, they can only get minimum wage jobs that rarely provide 40 hours a week, hardly enough to make ends meet.

Once shelter stays and rental assistance ends, they cycle back to homelessness and other positions of vulnerability that led to the trafficking situation in the first place.

It’s Survivor Ventures’ mission to break this cycle through the various programs they provide to help survivors gain economic empowerment. 

100% of the proceeds go toward survivors of sex trafficking.

Freedom Flames Candles (Collect All 6 “Infinity Stones”!)

Initiated by a Survivors to Entrepreneurs (S2E) program graduate, Freedom Flames are survivor-made with soy wax and our signature red, X-shaped wick that emulates the Survivor Ventures logo—a nod to the story of Black Widow and how she avenged her childhood of trafficking. Each of the 6 candles represents one of the Marvel Infinity stones. Collect all six infinity-stone-inspired Freedom Flames and gain the ability to bend time, space, energy, and the laws of physics and reality. Then use your powers for good!

Price: $25.00 each

Purchase Candles Here

Partnership to End Human Trafficking (PEHT)

The Partnership to End Human Trafficking (PEHT) is a nonprofit organization that provides survivors of human trafficking a pathway toward healing and independence through community outreach, residential recovery, and economic empowerment.

Connecticut has a critical lack of available emergency shelter for victims of trafficking. This has not only created a crisis of homelessness for those exploited by sex trafficking, but it has also exacerbated the challenge of providing stabilization services to survivors while they identify sustainable housing options. PEHT requested funding for emergency shelter, residential stabilization, and the staff and administration necessary to provide a continuum of care to survivors in their region.

100% of product sales support PEHT’s programmatic efforts and support survivors of trafficking.

Dog Toys

Price for Small Dog Toys: $5.00

Purchase Small Dog Toys Here

Price for Large Dog Toys: $10.00

Purchase Large Dog Toys Here

Dog Leashes

Price: $55.00

Purchase Ombre Dog Leashes Here

Purchase Solid Dog Leashes Here


Price for Ceramic Candles: $40.00

Purchase Ceramic Candles Here

Price for Glass Candles: $30.00

Purchase Glass Candles Here

Holiday Card Sets

Price: $15.00

Purchase Holiday Card Sets Here


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