The Jensen Project Awards $1.3 Million to Anti-Human Trafficking 2023 GrantTank Recipients

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Welcome, Allies Against Slavery, Global PEHT, My Life My Choice, and New Friends New Life

The Jensen Project, a nonprofit funder fueling strategic partnerships in the fight against sexual violence, is thrilled to announce its 2023 GrantTank recipients. These four carefully vetted and selected nonprofits—Allies Against Slavery, Global PEHT, My Life My Choice, and New Friends New Life—have collectively been granted over $1.3 million in funding toward their housing and technological advancements to support survivors of trafficking and exploitation.

According to the International Labor Organization, commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) generates over $99 billion in illegal profits every year. Resources dedicated to ending human trafficking and supporting those victimized by the crime drastically fall short of the need. 

Since 2020, The Jensen Project has sought proposals from nonprofits all over the country that are fighting human trafficking. Unlike typical grants, GrantTank is both funding and a think-tank of passionate anti–violence advocates. Janet Jensen, the founder of The Jensen Project, started GrantTank because she noticed how siloed and disconnected nonprofits in the movement were from one another, and she wanted to foster an environment of collaboration. 

In 2021 and 2022, GrantTank welcomed proposals from nonprofits focusing on Housing and Economic Empowerment programs for adult survivors of sex trafficking. This year, GrantTank requested proposals on Housing and Technology, and our Leadership and Program Teams spent 26 weeks determining which organizations were the best fit for partnership. Of the 49 applications received, 74 percent asked for funding for Housing; the remaining 26 percent, for Technology. After completing the Zoom interviews and site visits, our 2023 GrantTank recipients were selected. 

GrantTank 2023 Recipients

This year, our attention was uniquely diverted during our decision-making process, and we recognized another critical area needing immediate attention. We have identified Equality Model policy work as vital to survivor healing and human rights initiatives. As we introduce a new GrantTank application category, Policy, we will reopen the GrantTank application portal from August 1 through August 18 for an expedited review process. Please visit for additional information.

Since its commencement, The Jensen Project has awarded more than $10 million through GrantTank to aid sex trafficking survivors.  

Additionally, The Jensen Project offers GrantTank recipients the incremental gift of third-party resources in the form of organizational mentorship, guidance, and promotion to support the nonprofit holistically. Collectively, GrantTank recipients come from 12 states. All organizations serve survivors of any race, nationality, and faith from any state. 

In October 2023, The Jensen Project will host its third annual GrantTank Cohort, a gathering of GrantTank recipients from 2021 through the present, in Irving, Texas, where leaders from each organization come together and build camaraderie, define best practices, and collaboratively take on challenges.

About The Jensen Project

Founded by philanthropist and rape survivor, Janet Jensen, The Jensen Project exists to fuel strategic partnerships in the fight against sexual violence. Funding and business resources are provided to mission-aligned organizations on an annual basis through the GrantTank program. Learn more at 


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