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The Jensen Project is a nonprofit organization fueling strategic partnerships in the fight against sexual violence.

Real change takes real resources

Your non-profit is dedicated to ending sexual violence. It takes funding to help the women in your community, but that is just the starting point. You must also:

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When you don’t have the resources you need, it feels like you’re in a battle that’s impossible to win.

You’re not alone. We help nonprofits through strategic grants and resources, giving holistic help to our partner organizations.


Let us make it easier

The Jensen Project - 1M Annual Grants

$2 Million in yearly grants

Grants are tailored to each organization, spanning one, two, or three years.

A partnership approach

More than just funding, our process helps you and your organization meet your goals.

Create lasting change

A partner to help you create real, measurable change in your community.

“The Jensen Project invested in two pilot projects at Restore to address the two greatest needs for survivors in New York City: housing and jobs. Today, these 'projects' are now 'services' that are fully-funded and helping survivors thrive in their recovery journey.”

Amanda Eckhardt, former Executive Director at Restore

We believe we’re stronger together

As a rape survivor, our founder Janet Jensen discovered that organizations are doing the hard work needed, but faced similar obstacles.

This journey led her to create The Jensen Project, unifying nonprofits in the fight against sexual violence.


In Grants Given


In Resources Given


How our partners help survivors of sexual violence

The Jensen Project - Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment: From cosmetology to healthcare, to professional services, and more, we seek to support women in the workplace. This can look like college or trade school scholarships, help to obtain a certification, off-setting childcare expenses, and so much more.

The Jensen Project - Housing Services

Housing: A safe place to live is an important part of giving women a fresh start. This looks differently depending on the stage served and the geography. We support emergency shelters, restoration homes, transitional programs and many others.

We're in this fight together

You’re helping real women, living real lives—with very real scars. You’ve embraced them with empathy and compassion and chosen to be a part of the solution. But you don’t have to do it alone. Together, we will end sexual violence.

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We decide where our grants and programs can make the most impact.

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Have the support you need to create real, measurable change in your community.

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The Jensen Project exists to fuel strategic partnerships in the fight against sexual violence. We serve to learn what each organization does best and to