We can win the fight against sexual violence, together.

An extension of you

When you don’t have the resources you need, it feels like you’re in a battle that’s impossible to win.

More than just funding, our team can help you and your organization meet your goals. 


Janet Jensen is the Founder and Executive Director of The Jensen Project where she leverages her strengths in business, innovation, and creativity to cultivate opportunities for individuals and organizations dedicated to empowering survivors and reducing exploitation. A lifelong advocate against sexual violence and exploitation, and a self-proclaimed human investor, Janet strategically aligns stakeholders and cultivates impactful partnerships to create cultural and systemic change, improving the outcomes for all victims of sexual violence. 


Lauren Grogan is the Director of Operations at The Jensen Project where she manages communications, special events, and media opportunities, along with the recruitment and development of strategic partnerships. With a decade of experience in development, management, and communications, Lauren leverages her passions for public relations and social enterprises to support the grant recipients with customized resources and capacity-building initiatives.


Bekah Charleston is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at The Jensen Project where she manages projects, partnerships, and initiatives that help fuel the end of sexual violence against women by identifying best practices and leveraging resources to raise the bar at a local and national level. A nationally-renown leader and collaborator, Bekah utilizes her unique strengths and skills to work alongside grantees to support and scale projects focused on research, housing, education, and economic empowerment.